Faisal Hills Taxila – C-Block.

Faisal Hills Taxila – C-Block.

May 14, 2020

While facing the traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances, access to main boulevards and alternate roads is a real blessing.In future, only those housing projects would be opted which will carry out this vision.Faisal Hills,Taxila a project of ZedEm international has planned its structure by keeping in view the above fact. It is an amalgam of a developed infrastructure and standard living.

While introducing Faisal Hills, Taxila C-Block you will find it a phenomenal project due to its dynamic location and interconnections with neighboring societies / Motorway Interchanges. Primarily, it will be linked with Motorways through a new Interchange. Secondly, it is inter connected with another famous Housing Project of ZedEM International and thirdly it is accessed to another renowned Housing Scheme i.e. New City (Phase-II) which further links it with Brahma Interchange. Brief description of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block is added here:

o   Access from N-5 G.T Road

       C-Block of Faisal Hills Taxila is 7-8 KM away from Main G.T Road and about 25-30 Km from capital city, Islamabad.

o   Interlinked with MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad

Back end of Faisal Hills C-Block is linked with Multi Gardens B-17 (G-Block),. Hence, C-Block has an edge to cash multiple advantages of a well recognized Housing Project in its vicinity.

o   Interlinked with New City (Phase-II)

Major area of C-Block lies at a stone’s throw from New City Executive Block. New City (Phase-II) is a well established locality and will surely grant its benefits to the Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block in manifolds.  

o   Easy Access to New City Arcade

A State of the Art Shopping Mall of the town i.e. ‘New City Arcade’ is just a 15 minutes drive from Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block. So a variety of brands / franchises are accessible through this Mall.

o   Faisal Hills – Multi Gardens Interchange

Feasibility of an Interchange on Motorway (M1) at the merging of Faisal Hills Taxila     C-Block and Multi Gardens G-Block is under evaluation under the title ‘Faisal-Multi Interchange’. This phenomenon will link it with the capital city, Islamabad and other major cities through Motorways M1 & M2 etc. Moreover, easy access to Hakla Interchange will link it with other CPEC channels.

o   Access to Brahma Interchange

Another access to Motorway is available through New City (Phase-II), Brahma InterChange which connects it to Motorway M1 and other auxiliary roads.



o   Residential / Commercial Opportunities

Over 8,000 residential and commercial plots are offered in C-Block. This greater number of plots includes Apartments, Stand Alone Villas, Offices and Shopping Malls with a variety of sizes. It is worth mentioning that the back end of C-Block is linked with the G-Block of Multi Garden Housing Scheme. This well established society is already earning a high reputation and value of its properties. Adjoining of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block with this Society makes it more credible and valuable in all kinds of investments. Moreover, the major portion of C-Block is adjacent to the Executive Block of New City (Phase-II). This ‘for granted’ edge can also be capitalized through investment in Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block. Detail of plots is as under:- 

  •   5 Marla Plots (Size 25 x 50)
  •   8 Marla Plots (Size 30 x 60)
  •  10 Marla Plots (Size 35 x 70)           
  •  14 Marla Plots (Size 40 x 80)     
  •  1 Kanal Plots (50 x 90)                 

o Additional Land for Future Extension of C-Block:

Further extension of Faisal Hills Taxila will definitely be made in the C-Block adjoining areas and thus it will become a massive locality.


Inter-connectivity of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block with adjacent societies and Motorway Interchanges has broadened its residential and commercial horizons. It is high time to grab an opportunity concluding in manifold returns.


Momina Aziz.


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