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Faisal Hills Taxila – C-Block.

May 14, 2020

While facing the traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances, access to main boulevards and alternate roads is a real blessing.In future, only those housing projects would be opted which will carry out this vision.Faisal Hills,Taxila a project of ZedEm international has planned its structure by keeping in view the above fact. It is an amalgam of a developed infrastructure and standard living.

While introducing Faisal Hills, Taxila C-Block you will find it a phenomenal project due to its dynamic location and interconnections with neighboring societies / Motorway Interchanges. Primarily, it will be linked with Motorways through a new Interchange. Secondly, it is inter connected with another famous Housing Project of ZedEM International and thirdly it is accessed to another renowned Housing Scheme i.e. New City (Phase-II) which further links it with Brahma Interchange. Brief description of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block is added here:

o   Access from N-5 G.T Road

       C-Block of Faisal Hills Taxila is 7-8 KM away from Main G.T Road and about 25-30 Km from capital city, Islamabad.

o   Interlinked with MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad

Back end of Faisal Hills C-Block is linked with Multi Gardens B-17 (G-Block),. Hence, C-Block has an edge to cash multiple advantages of a well recognized Housing Project in its vicinity.

o   Interlinked with New City (Phase-II)

Major area of C-Block lies at a stone’s throw from New City Executive Block. New City (Phase-II) is a well established locality and will surely grant its benefits to the Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block in manifolds.  

o   Easy Access to New City Arcade

A State of the Art Shopping Mall of the town i.e. ‘New City Arcade’ is just a 15 minutes drive from Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block. So a variety of brands / franchises are accessible through this Mall.

o   Faisal Hills – Multi Gardens Interchange

Feasibility of an Interchange on Motorway (M1) at the merging of Faisal Hills Taxila     C-Block and Multi Gardens G-Block is under evaluation under the title ‘Faisal-Multi Interchange’. This phenomenon will link it with the capital city, Islamabad and other major cities through Motorways M1 & M2 etc. Moreover, easy access to Hakla Interchange will link it with other CPEC channels.

o   Access to Brahma Interchange

Another access to Motorway is available through New City (Phase-II), Brahma InterChange which connects it to Motorway M1 and other auxiliary roads.



o   Residential / Commercial Opportunities

Over 8,000 residential and commercial plots are offered in C-Block. This greater number of plots includes Apartments, Stand Alone Villas, Offices and Shopping Malls with a variety of sizes. It is worth mentioning that the back end of C-Block is linked with the G-Block of Multi Garden Housing Scheme. This well established society is already earning a high reputation and value of its properties. Adjoining of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block with this Society makes it more credible and valuable in all kinds of investments. Moreover, the major portion of C-Block is adjacent to the Executive Block of New City (Phase-II). This ‘for granted’ edge can also be capitalized through investment in Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block. Detail of plots is as under:- 

  •   5 Marla Plots (Size 25 x 50)
  •   8 Marla Plots (Size 30 x 60)
  •  10 Marla Plots (Size 35 x 70)           
  •  14 Marla Plots (Size 40 x 80)     
  •  1 Kanal Plots (50 x 90)                 

o Additional Land for Future Extension of C-Block:

Further extension of Faisal Hills Taxila will definitely be made in the C-Block adjoining areas and thus it will become a massive locality.


Inter-connectivity of Faisal Hills Taxila C-Block with adjacent societies and Motorway Interchanges has broadened its residential and commercial horizons. It is high time to grab an opportunity concluding in manifold returns.

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Faisal Hills Taxila – B-Block.

May 14, 2020

“It came and conquered”. No one knew that a housing project launched in 2017 would gallop to rise in such a rush.Faisal Hills Taxila, due to its  credible features proved its utmost worth.Strategic location, large number of residential and commercial opportunities and unique infrastructure and well equipped facilities ,all this made Faisal Hills a “success story”.

One of its subsidiaries is Faisal Hills Taxila B-Block which offers much more than your expectations. Apart from a handful of offers of thousands of plots ranging in all possible sizes, a huge Sports Complex, High Rise Projects and Business Squares, there is a lot more that distinguishes it from other blocks.

 It has a colossal Theme Park adding a real fun and passion to the monotonous lives of residents and a charming Lake which will fantasize an idyllic view just in the valley of Margalla Hills enriched with flying birds chirping around the sky water. Location of B-Block also links it from the core of historic Taxila Main Chowk on G.T Road, which provides an extravagant advantage to the native community as well as business sectors. A critical issue related to land for graveyards has been addressed in B-Block. A quick glance of Faisal Hills B-Block is appended here:

 Location & Access :

Faisal HIlls Taxila B-Block is 5-6 Km away from Main G.T Road and 3-4 km distant from the Motorway. It has been linked through A-Block by three main roadways i.e. Street # 24, Main Road 05 and Main Boulevard. Main Boulevard has commercials outlined on both sides of the road including High Rise plots and Multi-purpose buildings. Moreover, It is connected to Main Chowk Taxila through Thatta Khalil Road which passes across the B-Block.

Range of Plots

More than 8,000 Residential and Commercial plots for apartments, villas, offices and Shopping Malls are available with a variety of sizes mentioned below;

  • 5 Marla Plots ( Size 25 x 50 )     
  • 8 Marla Plots ( Size 30 x 60 )             
  • 10 Marla Plots ( Size 35 x 70 )  
  • 14 Marla Plots ( Size 40 x 80 )     
  • 1 Kanal Plots ( 50 x 90 )             
  • 2 Kanal Plots ( 75 x 120 )           

  Cricket Ground

Almost every youth of this age loves Cricket Junoon. Faisal Hills B-Block has catered to this passion and a land of 40 Kanals has been kept for a Cricket Ground.


 Sports Complex:

A vast land of 125 Kanals has been designated for multiple sports activities.

Lake View

Calm and strenuous blue water always provides bliss and serenity. Presence of a tranquil lake would surely catch your site rendering a natural leisure spot in B-Block.

 Theme Park:

A magnificent Theme Park has been planned in Faisal Hills B-Block which is a spectacular addition for the residents. It would be filled with fantasy, capturing the attraction of every visitor, especially people with an adventurous nature.


2 wide graveyards are provided in B-Block. This genuine facilitation will resolve a critical problem of humanities.

Additional Land for Future Extension of B-Block:

Faisal Hills B-Block possesses a scope of future extension, for which additional land will be acquired, that will be a part of this block.


Faisal Hills B-Block is an extravagant project and a perfect package, located just 30 km away from Islamabad. Faisal Hills B-Block map is designed by upholding plain sailing of your lives. Hence, it will be the utmost choice. 

Attach the payment schedule over here, please.


Faisal Hills B Bock Payment Schedule

*Snap of Payments Plans will be shown here

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Faisal Hills Taxila – A Block.

August 2, 2016

What a stunning place to reside containing all the living facilities causes is ultimate bliss. Faisal Hills, Taxila enwreathed by glorious Margalla Hills has this prestigious worth. It has augmented the living standard for its residents. It has developed four substantial blocks. Faisal Hills, Taxila A-Block has a separate worth among them. Driving in from the Main Boulevard, it lies at the right of the Executive Block Residential Area. Faisal Hills Taxila map depicts its multi-dynamic features. It is directly linked with Main G.T Road from three main spots. It is rich in a variety of residential as well as commercial plots which are more than 6000. It is equipped with all necessary infrastructures one can imagine for a leisurely life like a spacious mosque, hospital, university, and parks. Moreover, it also contains an eyeful civic center, a vast sports complex, community club, and a lot more.  A glimpse of the traits are as follows;


Direct Access to G.T Road

  • Main Road (MR-01). Currently, A-Block is connected through a Main Road (MR-01)  which is just 2Km away from G.T Road
  • Main Road (MR-05). Another Main Road, MR-05 will also link it with G.T Road along with the adjacent locality Wahdat Colony, Taxila 
  • Main boulevard.  In future Main Boulevard which is 225 ft wide will connect A-Block with G.T Road. Land for frontal elevation is being acquired by Faisal Hills management and will be concluded soon. This road will marginally minimize the distance of A-Block from G.T Road up to 500-600 Meters.


Civic Center:

An iconic feature of Faisal Hills A Block is Civic Center which is identical to Bahria Town (Phase -4). It consists of a beautiful Round About surrounded by High Rise buildings, a Central Park and a Spacious Mosque (8 Kanal). Roundabout is surrounded by High Rise buildings. An Inner Circle is designated mainly for Commercial plots. The outer circle consists of some larger plots for Apartments which mostly have been sold out.


Community Club:

The commendable owner of Faisal Hill Taxila, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is a persuasive figure. He generously allocated a valuable patch of 20 Kanal for the Community Club in the middle of Civic Center. It is real facilitation that will coordinate all the social activities of the community in true letter and spirit.


Commercial Projects:

Main Boulevard is fenced with commercial projects on both sides extended to Motorway. These projects will not only raise the beauty of A-Block but will surely facilitate the business communities.


Basic Amenities:

Following amenities have been planned; 

  • 9 x mosque
  • Area for a  Hospital 
  • Area for a University 
  • 4 x Water Tanks 
  • A Football Ground
  • 10 x Parks
  • A Sports Complex 
  • A Filling Station (Petrol Pump) 
  • A Community Club 


Residential Plots:

A-Block offers a wide range of more than 6000 plots of various sizes like; 

5 Marla Plots ( Size 25 x 50 ) 3134

8 Marla Plots ( Size 30 x 60 ) 1927 

10 Marla Plots ( Size 35 x 70 ) 410

14 Marla Plots ( Size 40 x 80 )      136

1 Kanal Plots ( 50 x 90 ) 451

2 Kanal Plots ( 75 x 120 ) 279


Faisal Hills payment schedule for the above plots is manageable for all and sundry.


Access to B-Block:

A-Block has been connected with B-Block through following links:

  • Street 24
  • Main Boulevard ( 225 Feet )
  • Main Road MR-05 


Possession of plots:

The most captivating feature of A-Block for the Real Estate fellows is that possession of offered plots can be obtained within 6-8 months i.e. in the current year if they pursue the Faisal Hills payment plan accordingly.



Faisal Hills, Taxila A-Block is located exactly on the G.T Road (N-5), just 30 KM distant from Islamabad. It offers immediate possession and further construction by the owner. Apart from other basic provisions, an iconic civic center, multipurpose community club, and a huge sports complex are the identities of this block. In short, A Block of Faisal Hills Taxila is leading all the way, in terms of nearest GT Road link, possession & construction of plots, facilitating all basic dwelling charms for a contented and peaceful life.  


Faisal Hills A Block Payment Schedules



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Faisal Hills Taxila – Executive Block.

August 2, 2016

Prominent Features of Executive Block – Faisal Hills Taxila

Executive Block is the most recently launched residential block of Faisal HiIls Taxila, another hallmark of ZedEm international.

On the verge of G.T Road:

The most prominent feature of Faisal Hills Executive Block is its prime location. It is situated just along the Main Entrance attached with the main G.T Road  (N-5) and thus provides great facilitation and easy access for the residents.


Margalla-Neck of the woods:

The Executive Block is adjacent to the series of historic Margalla Hills. It is pertinent to mention that after the decision by the Honourable Supreme Court, stone crushing on the said hills has been abandoned. The whole area is dust-free now and a spectacular view of Margalla Hills grasps the natural attraction.


Linkage with other sites:

Another remarkable project of ZedEM International (a legendary Real Estate Developer) is Faisal Margalla City (FMC) which is located just on the other side of Margalla Hills. Thus the Executive Block of Faisal Hills adjoining the counter side of the hills will be interconnected to the neighboring societies like FMC and B-17 through a wide road (80 ft). This access will also facilitate a lot to all the residents as well as business sector activities.


Commercial Plans:

Certain projects of High Rise Buildings each having twenty plus floors designed by the profound architect are the part of the Executive Block. Such a number of high rise buildings are not possessed by any other society in the vicinity and thus is a unique distinction of Faisal Hills Taxila. These projects will accommodate commercial apartments, schools & Malls of recognized brands.

Certain renowned builders & developers such as Red Sun Associates are taking part in Commercial projects and their layout plans are being finalized. It is a valuable opportunity for investment not only in real estate but it will also open new doors for the business sector.


Faisal Hills Site Office:

Construction of Faisal Hills Site Office is under completion in the Executive Block and will be made operational just after Eid-ul-Fitr (Insha Allah). Almost 75% development work has been completed and can be witnessed at the site. This will smooth all the real estate activities/ transactions within the Faisal Hills premises. 


An Exquisite Mosque:

To cater to the religious needs of the block, a State of the Art mosque named as ‘Masjid Fatima Zahra’ is under construction. Its basement has been completed, whereas, construction of the ground floor is under process. This mosque has a spacious capacity and can accommodate 3000 people at a time.

To dispense the residents with basic needs of water, the construction of a hygienic Water Tank has been completed.


Sports Complex:

To flourish the healthy activities and ambition of youths, a vast Sports Complex covering a large area of 246 Kanals is also a part of the Executive Block. A variety of sports events including football, hockey, basketball, etc can be commenced.

Keeping in view the passion of cricket, a separate Cricket Ground has been established. Currently Stands for spectators are under construction.


Dwelling Range:

One can dream of a lovely home fenced in such an aesthetic beauty of Margalla Hills, half an hour ago away from the capital and on the threshold of Northern Areas. 

Executive Block’s Residential Area lies on the left from the main entrance. Plots of various sizes like 25/50, 30/60, 35/70, 40/80 and 50/90 are available as per convenience. Said plots were offered on cash payment and all plots were sold out in a short span of time just after the launch inauguration. These plots are now available in resale terms.

Faisal Hills Society has granted occupation of these residential plots and occupants are appreciated to construct their homes after clarification of necessary dues of NDC /ADC  (if balance).

Construction of around  2530 Villas in the Executive Block is at the final stage in the Residential Area.




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